Public Mourning 2018

[1] The dust of my body is the veil of the true Beloved’s face
O happy that moment when from off this face ,the veil I cast
[2] Not fit for a sweet singer like me ,is the cage of the world like this
To Rizvan’s rose – bed ,I go for the bird of that sward am I .
[3] Manifest ,it is not wherefore ,I have come into this world where ,I hadbeen
Regret and sorrow that ,of my own work ,careless I am .
[4] In the expanse of the holy world ,my circuit how may I make
When ,in the mixed abode this dusty world plank – bound confined to a dustybody ,I am .
[5] If ,from my heart’s blood ,the perfume of musk issue ,
Have no wonder for fellow – sufferer with the musk – pod of Khutan the musk- deer I am .
[6] Outwardly regard not the embroidery of my gold – thread tunicresplendent like the candle ,saying He is happy
For ,within the tunic ,hidden consumings ate .
[7] Come and from before him ,the existence of Hafiz take up
For ,with Thy existence ,none heareth from me that I am living